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I've already left this blog but I will be happy if you still take a look on my old fan fiction :D

The Princess
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Hi and Hello!
Let me introduce my name then~ Ching Ching is speakin' here! Scream out loud and be ready for the rockin' blog YEAH! This is the second blog I got here, the first is on LiveJournal, and I used that as my fan fiction park ♥♥ I'm Chinese who live in country named Indonesia, so I usually speak in Bahasa. I love lurking around at SOOMPI, check the request thread and help them all that had a problem about NG and GASOO poster. And by the way, I had a Tumblr. I use that page as my poster and banner gallery. So please welcome then~ I'll be glad to know that someone has visited it. I would to tell about my emptiness, problems and experiences on here.. So, just shut up and listen then! *LMFAO*.

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Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

Annyeong semua,,,,udah malem niyh tapi gw coba usahain ngetik dalam normal mode *emang edan mode tuh gimana siyh*
Oke...kita mulai aje dah...
Yang di kiri ini...*keliatan kan?* *masa kurang gede* *mata lu aje yang kurang melotot* *dipecel sama yang baca*
Yang di sebelah kiri ini tuh cover buku kumpulan Fan Fic gw en temen gw...*yang kemaren gw ceritain itu loh*
Covernya siyh gw edit sendiri haha,jadi sorry kalo rada gimana gitu deh haha...
Tapi gambar'' yang ada di covernya tuh yang pasti foto'' artis yang gw en temen gw pake buat cast di Fan Fic'' kita..
Ga usah gw kasih tau kayaknya lu semua udah pada kenalan deh haha...*kalo ga ntar gw kasih nomer hapenya* *emang gw punya ya* *ga penting.com*
Kalo soal isi bukunya siyh yang pasti isinya Fan Fic'' karya gw en temen'' gw (Regina en Jessica).
Kalo yang Fan Fic gw tuh juga udah pada dipost di sini,jadi kalo mau tau ya baca aje di blog ini haha...
Ya udah sekian deh buat cerita hari ini haha...ntar gw ngeshare lebih banyak lagi...tapi kayaknya yang selanjutnya gw bakal share yang chapter 4 sampe 6 deh...ditunggu ye,,,