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I've already left this blog but I will be happy if you still take a look on my old fan fiction :D

The Princess
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Hi and Hello!
Let me introduce my name then~ Ching Ching is speakin' here! Scream out loud and be ready for the rockin' blog YEAH! This is the second blog I got here, the first is on LiveJournal, and I used that as my fan fiction park ♥♥ I'm Chinese who live in country named Indonesia, so I usually speak in Bahasa. I love lurking around at SOOMPI, check the request thread and help them all that had a problem about NG and GASOO poster. And by the way, I had a Tumblr. I use that page as my poster and banner gallery. So please welcome then~ I'll be glad to know that someone has visited it. I would to tell about my emptiness, problems and experiences on here.. So, just shut up and listen then! *LMFAO*.

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Minggu, 13 September 2009

Bener-bener dah minggu ini...
Pembantu gw ga masuk kerja en gw jadi kena imbasnya deh...
Dari minggu kemaren aja tiap ada waktu luang gw pasti disuruh nyetrika baju..ato ga disuruh ngepel lantai..
Duh,lama'' status gw berubah jadi pekerja sosial kali yah??
Tapi pas kemaren ortu gw keren banget nyerayu gw buat nyetrika bajunya...
Ortu gw bilang kalo gw nyetrika baju gw bakalan ditraktirin minum apa aja di Starbucks..
Gila begitu gw denger kayak gitu...langsung mata'' gw yang pertamanya males berubah jadi sparkling sparkling geje gitu dah...

Pas di sekolah gw cerita soal ini ke temen gw (ChingDeYoReMel),si Mel'' langsung nyeletuk katanya,
"Ahh~ lu mah Starbucks udah bagaikan surga aja buat lu!"
Gw mah yang dengernya cuma bisa senyum'' geje sambil bilang dalem hati,"THAT'S RIGHT YO!"